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Improve the performance of your sales organisation.

The leader in sales process optimisation. Consolidate your marketing, sales and management tools into one system, and improve your lead management, and sales conversion.

Experience the power of HALO.

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HALO uses technology to drive value.

Data provides valuable insight into the customer journey, delivering granular visibility of leads, from acquisition through to appointment.

Higher Conversion Rates

Time after time, we see conversion rates, from appointment to sale, reach well above 65%.

Advanced Lead Management

Understand where every lead is, plan every move, don't leave anything to chance.

Live Visibility

Every piece of sales management data in one place.

Optimised Sales Process

Measurable structure and process at every part of the journey.

Our suite of tools are designed to supercharge the sales management process.

Laptop viewing the Prospecting Tool.


Manage all your leads, across any marketing channel, in one place. Improve the customer journey, by understanding, tracking, and controlling your lead process to maximise your opportunity, from acquisition to sale.

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Sales management.

Flexible appointment system with granular visibility across individual sites and groups. With a single point access to all dealer systems, you can drive personalised contact and follow up.

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Phone viewing the Guest Booking Journey.
Laptop viewing the Analytics Page.


Real time measurement of campaigns, appointments, and sales data. Manage performance metrics, to deliver sales objectives.

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