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Phone viewing the Guest Booking Journey

Sales management.

Flexible appointment system with granular visibility across individual sites and groups. With a single point access to all dealer system, you can drive personalised contact and follow up.

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With a measurable structure and process and every part of the journey, time after time, we see conversion rates, from appointment to sale, reach well above 65%.

Single point access

HALO gives you single point access to all your dealership systems at the touch of a button. HALO enables leads to be managed by your sales team in real-time, setting appointments and tracking customers along their journey. Our easy-to-use customer booking system provides perfect harmony between initial contact, follow up and delivery.

Structure and discipline to every opportunity.

As a tool to manage sales process, HALO leads the way. It brings structure and discipline to every sales opportunity, with clear steps, and provides live visibility to your management team in the analytics module.

Manage staff, leads and appointments all in one place, across a group or individual dealership.

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